Live a better life, invest in CoinMarket

About Us

Coin Market is an ongoing market, where anyone can make money fast. It is an investment strategy on which you can invest for 5 days, 10 days or 20 days.

Investment rate varies depending on the number of days invested for instance 5 days is 30%, 10 days is 50% and 20 days is 100%.

How to use CoinMarket


Sign in onto site                                                

View Auction

View auction during auction times                    

Bid Range

Choose bid range on which you want to buy coins         

Choose Bid

You will see different people using different banks and different amount of coins being sold. Choose anyone with the amount you want to bid for.

Investment period

Select number of days invested.                      

Make bid

Write the amount and make bid.            

Pay bid

Once bid is made,go to pay bid.                        


Pay client on the bank account shown and wait for approval.                        

Request approved

Once the client has approved you will have interest which will only be active after the number of days chosen.                 

Why you should invest on CoinMarket

Imagine investing on a bank and getting up to 100% interest of the money you invested, with zero charges within a short period of time. Well, do not be left out while other people are already making money in this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What most people ask us about the platform before and after investing.